Tonight’s Gardening…

The Message Bean has sprouted its first leaves.

Message Bean (First Leaves)

I planted two more Coleus pots. One contains ‘Red Ruffles‘ (new plant), ‘Unknown Speckled Green‘ (found cutting) and ‘Trailing Rose Frost‘ (overwintered cutting).

Coleus Pot #23

I took cuttings of the ‘Trailing Rose Frost‘ last year and overwintered them, but the stem rotted and the whole plant was almost lost, except for the tiny tips.

I took the tiny tips ( photo ) dipped in rooting hormone and planted it in perlite. Surprisingly, it survived and has made a big comeback ( photo ).

The second Coleus pot contains cuttings that I forgot about: ‘Sedona‘ and ‘Copper Splash‘. I hope they do well.

Coleus Pot #24

I noticed that two Coleus (‘Jade’ and ‘Fishnet Stockings’) had mealy bugs on its stem, so I took the sprayer and carefully, but thoroughly sprayed them off as well as I could.

I also noticed that a Coleus “Dip’t in Wine” branch snapped, so I snipped it off and divided it into two cuttings, which I will root.

Finally, when I was done with tonight’s garden and went inside, my Mom told me she found a Lemon seed sprouting in an old Lemon that she was cutting up for compost. So I took the srouting seed and (of course) planted it :)

Found Lemon Sprout