‘Kong Green’ Babies…

Last year I had two Kong Coleus. (Coleus ‘Kong Scarlet’ and Coleus ‘Kong Green’)

The ‘Kong Green’ cutting that I wanted to overwinter didn’t survive, so I planted some seeds that I harvested, hoping that I would get more ‘Kong Green’ plants. Instead I got four different looking children.

Coleus 'Kong Green 4 (Hybrid)'   Coleus 'Kong Green 3 (Hybrid)'

Coleus 'Kong Green 2 (Hybrid)'   Coleus 'Kong Green 1 (Hybrid)'

Here’s the mama plant from last year (2005).

Coleus 'Kong Green'

  • It is ever thus with seedlings. The one on the upper left looks a bit like ‘Son of Chaucer’ before the the light makes it go all garish.

    • That’s what I was thinking when I wrote a description on the Flickr page for that plant. It totally reminded me of ‘Son of Chaucer’.

      • Hah. You could name it “long-lost cousin of Chaucer.”

    • Also…I spy a coleus volunteer in a hanging planter, methinks. I bet it will be every bit as hideous as Son of Chaucer.

      • Where? Are you going to get some?

        • Sorry. It’s my very own hanging planter wherein I spy the possible seedling. It could also be a very weak offshoot of something I pinched off — difficult to tell right now.