Coleus ‘Red Ruffles’ and ‘Peter Wonder’

A photo of Coleus ‘Red Ruffles’ (left) for lblanchard. I think this Coleus looks like a red version of Coleus ‘Peter Wonder’ (right).

Coleus 'Red Ruffles'   Coleus 'Peter Wonder'

  • oooh, that is purdy!

  • Very nice!

    I found a side shoot with those two principal colors (rose and brown) on another coleus I have. I’m rooting it to see if it holds the colors.

    • Oooh! I want to see!… which reminds me, I need to check on some cuttings I snagged a while ago to see if it has rooted…

      • It may take a day or so for me to get around to photographing it, and it may not hold — like that sport of trailing purple brocade that reverted in a low-light situation.

        • Very cool!… I haven’t examined my Coleus closely to see if there are any sports worth propagating…

  • ooohh especially love the second one.

    • It is pretty, I had one last year, but it didn’t overwinter, so I had to buy another one this year…