More Gardening (Yesterday)

Sunday, July 9, 2006

I was able to catch up on some repotting today. I repotted the Arguta Kiwi (female), White Genoa Fig, Forsythia and some Taros into larger one gallon containers.

Potted Forsythia   Potted Kiwi, Fig and Taro

I also repotted my Pink Echeveria, and discovered that the grower didn’t even remove the plastic basket it was originally grown in. I had to cut the basket into pieces so I wouldn’t damage its roots and the baby plants. Here’s the before and after photos.

Pink Echeveria   Pink Echeveria

Here’s a photo of the vegetable bed I been working on.

Vegetable Bed with Trellises

And finally, as I was done with most of my gardening chores, I got a bag a potato chips and Calli kept chasing me around the garden trying to get some. I gave her a few, but ened up giving her some doggie snacks. Here she is one the other side of the vegetable bed.

Calli Wants Potato Chips

  • Your vegetable bed is a thing of wonder and delight.

    • Awww… thank you… I’m just glad that I was able to put some good soil in there… When the beds were low the amendments would not last long and the plants wouldn’t grow so well… I hope that the veggie this year on are fruitful… I just have to work on my plant timing…

  • :: Applause :: You do a very kewl veggie garden.

    • Thank you turtleinashell, you are so kind!