My Future Christmas Trees

Back in January, I found some Pinenuts near my work. The rest is history

Pine Nuts (Part 2)   Pinenut Sprouting

Pine Seedling   Potted Pine   Pine Tree Near Work

  • You know, eventually you are going to need some serious acreage if you keep up this hobby of adopting every stray seed you find on the sidewalk!


    • Hehe… I’m working on it (with that house, that is)… but everything keeps in check… I just don’t tell about much of the failures :(

  • I have some seeds I’ve been collecting around here. Would you like some?

    I have Pink Abuiliton from my plant, Texas Mountain Laurel from a tree at Hodges Gardens, red/white Columbine from my plants, and some Amaryllis seed I collected from a pod off of my Mom’s plant.

    If there’s any you’d like just shoot me an email :)

    • Whoa! My eyes just opened up… I would love seeds, but only if you can spare them… and I don’t make any guarantees… ‘cuz a do kill some plants (but not purposely)… I’ll shoot you an email a little later… maybe I have some things you would like…

      • Hey no guarantees needed. I kill my fair share, trust me. haha..
        Just let me know where to send them and they’re yours.

  • oooh, joey.
    i love these photos.
    your photos & exploration always make me so happy that we are gardenfriends.

    • Awww… thank you so much… I’m glad we are gardenfriends too…

  • Are they slow-growing pines, or fast-growing?

    • You know, I don’t really know… I don’t even know what kind of Pine those are… I just saw the seeds on the ground and wanted to see how they grow… I hope they do survive and grow… but not too tall… I do have a feeling they are slow growing…