Unknown Weed + New Cuttings

As I was walking to the carpool from work, I saw this weed underneath a street tree and thought is was cool, so I took a few cutting of it to try to root.

Unknown Weed

The stems are reddish brown and slightly hairy. The main stem seems semi-woody, since I could not pinch it off. Anyone know what this is?

SOLVED: This is White Snakeroot ‘Chocolate’ (Eupatorium rugosum) ( DG PlantFile )

Here is a close up of the leaves.

I’m also trying to root these other two cuttings I got:

Three New Cuttings

top: Unknown Weed (from above)
left: Perilla Magilla ‘Vanilla’
right: Euonymus Fortunei Radicans ‘Harlequin’ (Bigleaf Winter Creeper)

Here is a photo of the Taro and Ginger I planted earlier this morning.

And finally, Calli wants to show you a new trick:

Calli's New Trick

Afterwords, she discovers Marty inside the house.

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  • too funny are you,a weed to root? you are the crazy gardener!! i still love you though..:)

  • You do such a cool job with these posts. Yeah, that is a kinda cool weed, but I don’t know what it is. I made the mistake of transplanting a flowery weed from the countryside to my yard once. Never again. It was overly productive. lol.

    Calli’s a cool dog! :)

    • Thank you turtleinashell :) I am getting obsessed with trying to find out what that weed is…

      I’ll only plant it in a pot though… so hopefully it’ll be ok…

      Thanks, she is a cool dog :)