Late Night Planting (Again)…

I woke up in the middle of the night… or should I say very early morning… and left like planting.

I planted four more Taro sprouts I found, along with two Ginger sprouts. Hopefully, the Ginger will grow and not die like the previous ones.

I also cut the Forsythia right below where the roots have formed and replanted them, this time giving them more space and only putting two in each pot.

A few of my cuttings have these ugly looking white/beige bugs that kinda looks like tiny little long oval dinner rolls. They have a white web thing surrounding them. I tried to hand pick them, but I don’t think I can get all of them. Some are about 1/8 of an inch, but many are just 1/16 of a inch or smaller.

  • The bugs sound like mealybug. If you’re persistent, you can kill them dead by dipping a Q-tip in alcohol and swabbing them off the plants. Better test on one leaf of each cutting, though, lest the cure turn out to be worse than the infestation.

    • I did a Google search and they are mealy bugs!!! EWWW!!!

      I’ve been picking them off and using a damped Q-tip (just water) to get most of them… When I’m lazy I also sometime use Garden Safe’s Insect Spray, which is pyrethrin/canola oil.

  • I use a pyrethrin spray for bugs…it’s almost kindasorta an organic (or at least LESS toxic) insecticide and best of all, doesn’t burn tender foliage. It’s how I controlled the fungus gnats and occasional aphids on my coleus this winter!

    • I’ve been doing that too, but I want the Final Solution to the fungus gnats. Mosquito Dunks, I’m told, are the Light and the Way — soak ’em in water and use the water to drench yer plants periodically. It kills the larvae dead dead dead. Or buy the BT var. israelensis as a solution.

      By the way, some seed company gifted me with a comp sub to Horticulture and the current issue is touting a nursery in Seattle that it credits with stoking “the current coleus craze.”

      • Nursery in Seattle…I’m just hazarding a guess: Minter’s? Do tell! It ain’t Fremont Gardens, at least not yet. ;)

      • Great tip… I’ll remember that if we have a fungus gnat problem here at home…

    • I just checked the spray I use and it is pyrethrin/canola oil (Garden Safe’s Insect Spray). I like it because of the fact that it is kinda organic (or safer).

      I did a Google search for fungus gnats and I’m wondering if those are the flies (or fly-like) creatures we had at work.