The Coleus are Coming…

I got an email from Rosy Dawn Gardens regarding my Coleus order that I placed last year on December 6.

Dear Customer :

Your order shipped Monday, April 3, 2006 via US Priority Mail. Please expect your package in 1-3 days and make arrangements for it to be placed out of the hot or cold weather as soon as it arrives. Be sure to unpack your order immediately and notify us if there is any damage or problems with your order. Your invoice and arrival care instructions are in the packing slip on the top of the box.

Thanks again for ordering from Rosy Dawn Gardens!


Glenn and Pam

YEAY!!!!… Hmmm?… It’s still cold outside, I hope I have enough space on my shelves with growlights…

  • If you haven’t seen the picture on ‘s journal, go over there immediately!

    • Thanks for telling me about ‘s photos. I can’t wait to get mine. Didn’t you place an order too?

      I’ve been so out of the loop lately and noticed all your new postings. I can’t wait to take some time out and read through them. Looks like you’re taking advantage of your Flickr account :)

      • It is against my religion to buy coleus.

        I want to see how Rosy Dawn packs their stuff so that if/when I send rooted coleus cuttings to my friends I’m following best practices.

        I haven’t been posting too much gardening stuff, although I put up a ton and a half of flower show pictures.

        • If I wasn’t so into Coleus, I prolly wouldn’t buy them too and take clippings, but believe it or not, nobody I know grows them and the ones I see in public spaces are just the common ones that I already have.

          I’ll definitely take photos of me unpacking my new babies and post them for you to see, since I read that unpacked and planted his immediately.

          I can relate on not posting much, but I think it’s natural. It does take some effort and dedication to continually update. I still have to check out our photos. I just want to be able to spend time and enjoy them, instead of just skimming through it :)

  • Good luck with it.