Rosy Dawn Gardens Coleus Order…

I just placed an order at Rosy Dawn Gardens for some Coleus for 2012. I ordered:

– Sedona
– Plum Frost
– Ruby Laser
– Flamingo
– Florida Inferno
– Diane’s Gold
– Trailing Plum Brocade
– Saturn
– Saturn’s Rings

– I also placed a special request for Tilt-a-Whirl if it becomes available.

I’ve have most of these in the past except for Ruby Laser and Florida Inferno, which are new to me. I should be getting these around May 14, 2012.

Coleus Sale…

I just got an email from a fellow "Dave’s Garden" friend telling me that Dave’s Garden members can get a discount on Coleus at Rosy Dawn Gardens through January 31, 2001. Here’s more info on the sale:

I have to go through my overwintering Coleus cuttings and take inventory of what I have and figure out what I want.

I also didn’t know Rosy Dawn Gardens had a blog called "Coleus Connection". Here’s the link:

New Coleus (Yeay!)

I got my Coleus order from Rosy Dawn Garden today. I ordered 13 total, plus they gave me a bonus one.

Me and My Package   Coleus Batch 1 (of 3)

Coleus Batch 2 (of 3)   Coleus Batch 3 (of 3)

Here’s a photo set that contains each one photographed individually.

Coleus Order…

Back in April 6, I received my Coleus order from Rosy Dawn Gardens. I finally was able to upload photos of my order.

Guess what’s in the package…

My Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens

Click the above photo of me with my package to view my flickr photo set entitled “(Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens“. It contains 10 photos of my order including my 16 new Coleus.

The Coleus are Coming…

I got an email from Rosy Dawn Gardens regarding my Coleus order that I placed last year on December 6.

Dear Customer :

Your order shipped Monday, April 3, 2006 via US Priority Mail. Please expect your package in 1-3 days and make arrangements for it to be placed out of the hot or cold weather as soon as it arrives. Be sure to unpack your order immediately and notify us if there is any damage or problems with your order. Your invoice and arrival care instructions are in the packing slip on the top of the box.

Thanks again for ordering from Rosy Dawn Gardens!


Glenn and Pam

YEAY!!!!… Hmmm?… It’s still cold outside, I hope I have enough space on my shelves with growlights…

Massive Rosy Dawn Garden Order…

I just placed an order on Rosy Dawn Gardens for so many Coleuses. I know I ordered maybe too much, but I just couldn’t stop… and I’m treating myself for not buying a lot of junk this year… so that’s my excuse. I can’t wait until the spring.

I’m Freezing…

Even though it’s raining and only 47°F outside, I am freezing.

We had a couple days of frost and I panicked yesterday when I saw the tips of my coleus withering away… So I got a pair of scissor, and hurriedly took cuttings, making sure to label them. I also collected the seed stalks and put them in bags to dry.

I brought a few to work and my coworker Cheri graciously offered her window sill for me to place my cuttings to over-winter. I told her I had a ton more at home and she she to bring them over; she doesn’t mind. Thank you Cheri!!! Hopefully they will survive and and can plant them in the spring.

I’ve also been surfing Rose Dawn Gardens website to see what Coleus to order for the spring.