I’m Freezing…

Even though it’s raining and only 47°F outside, I am freezing.

We had a couple days of frost and I panicked yesterday when I saw the tips of my coleus withering away… So I got a pair of scissor, and hurriedly took cuttings, making sure to label them. I also collected the seed stalks and put them in bags to dry.

I brought a few to work and my coworker Cheri graciously offered her window sill for me to place my cuttings to over-winter. I told her I had a ton more at home and she she to bring them over; she doesn’t mind. Thank you Cheri!!! Hopefully they will survive and and can plant them in the spring.

I’ve also been surfing Rose Dawn Gardens website to see what Coleus to order for the spring.

  • It’s been my experience that coleus cuttings taken and rooted in late summer or early fall do much better than ones grabbed one step ahead of the frost. Just fyi.

    This year, for the first time, I’m trying coleus cuttings under grow lights. Stay tuned…

    • I know, I know! (as I slap my wrist)… I totally should have done that, but I was lazy and stop working in the garden after summer (slapping my wrist again). Luckily, I have been taking cuttings through the summer and early fall, so maybe those will survive. I just don’t have any place to put them, so they are still outside, all gathered and sheltered in the patio.

      I want to see how your cutting under the grow light look. You should take a picture and post it. :)