Coleus Sale…

I just got an email from a fellow "Dave’s Garden" friend telling me that Dave’s Garden members can get a discount on Coleus at Rosy Dawn Gardens through January 31, 2001. Here’s more info on the sale:

I have to go through my overwintering Coleus cuttings and take inventory of what I have and figure out what I want.

I also didn’t know Rosy Dawn Gardens had a blog called "Coleus Connection". Here’s the link:

  • YAY! I made a wish list and note to self to order before the end of the month…I showed a lot of restraint, too, just five varieties this time (we already have 47).

    • Do you overwinter the 47 at your shop? You must have a lot of space. I end up losing a majority of mine, because I neglect them during the winter or cut them too late and they get shocked when I bring them in. I’m still learning, I guess… Also, are those your personal plants for home, or do you sell them at your shop?

      • We sell ’em at the shop but we’re overwintering them at home in a big south window – but the light is dim up here in winter so they lose most of their color anyway. Haven’t lost many this year, though, and we already have multiples of most of them.

  • Nice!

    • Are you going to get some this year?

      • I don’t think so. I have a whole heap of coleus overwintering in the basement and I think they’ll be enough. I might pinch off a piece of Tilt-a-Whirl if there’s any up at the Hort. Center gardens, where I have pinching privileges.

        But it’s great to look at their catalog and blog photos. And I think I was able to identify one of my mystery coleus as ‘Burning bush.’ That came from a neighbor a couple years ago. The neighbor has moved but the coleus lives on… the oldest one in my collection is one I’ve been keeping going by bringing in cuttings ever since 2000.