New Coleus (Yeay!)

I got my Coleus order from Rosy Dawn Garden today. I ordered 13 total, plus they gave me a bonus one.

Me and My Package   Coleus Batch 1 (of 3)

Coleus Batch 2 (of 3)   Coleus Batch 3 (of 3)

Here’s a photo set that contains each one photographed individually.

  • Nice assortment, and they obviously do a quality job of packaging. Not to mention growing! They’ll be beautiful…

    • Thanks lblanchard, I was very pleased with my order and was surprised with the great health of the plants. They do an excellent job including the packing.

  • You are the Coleus king!

    • Hehe… I actually seen other people online who are more fanatic than I am… strangely, I sense that they don’t like me and I don’t know why….

  • Man, I miss ‘Trailing Plum Brocade’ but my late summer cuttings were wimps and died within weeks. I also lost ‘Telltale Heart’, so ‘Chocolate Drop’ is my only trailing one now, out of 41 varieties!

    ‘Fishnet Stockings’ is my fave of your new ones.

    Haven’t sent off a Rosy Dawn order yet, but I probably will – a little less crazy than last year, perhaps. *g* They certainly are wonderful to deal with, though, and they sell very nice plants!

    • Hi Jay… My ‘Trailing Plum Brocade’ was a wimp last year too, and was one of the first cuttings to die, but I liked it so much, I reordered it this year. I just have three other trailing ones: ‘Trailing Rose Frost’, ‘Trailing Rose’ and ‘Garnet Robe’.

      Speaking of wimps, my ‘Fishnet Stockings’ last year died mid-season. I think it was the only one I lost during the summer.

      I wanted to order more, but the two varieties (‘Joey’ and ‘The Morning After’) I want are sold out and I don’t know where to get them. You wouldn’t happen to sell these? :)

  • Nice haul!!! Very beautiful plants.

    ps – you’re cute!!

    • Aww… Thanks Meighan!!! That is so sweet of you to say :)

  • I love them. They are beautiful.

    • Hi Tim… I think they love you too!!! ;)

  • Ooo! I like them all, but I think Vulcan is my favorite of them. When I saw your pics, it reminded me to run check my start of coleus Tilt-a-Whirl, and it’s rooting! I took a tip from you and spied a leaf with a piece of stem attached on the floor of a nursery, so I brought it home. lol.

    • Good job!!! I find that those “big” home improvement centers don’t take good care of their plants, so I feel bad when I see pieces swept up onto a pile for the garbage. I find that the local independent nurseries take way better care of them and I don’t mind purchasing the whole plant to support them.

      It’s funny, the photo of ‘Vulcan’ on Rosy Dawn Garden’s site didn’t catch my eye, but when I saw it on Color Farms site, I really wanted it.

      Good luck with your Tilt-a-Whirl… I’m planning to plant more Tilt-a-Whirl seeds this year and see what variation I get.

  • Awesome! Very nice haul.

    • Thank you very much!… I’m really pleased with them (and want more) :P