Coleus Order…

Back in April 6, I received my Coleus order from Rosy Dawn Gardens. I finally was able to upload photos of my order.

Guess what’s in the package…

My Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens

Click the above photo of me with my package to view my flickr photo set entitled “(Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens“. It contains 10 photos of my order including my 16 new Coleus.

  • Ha! That is very cool. I bet I could replicate that shipping technique, even if I can’t find those ellepots, by:

    1. Growing in small containers, such as plastic cups or wax paper cups, or market flat cells, until they’re a smidge rootbound, then popping them out.

    2. Making sure the potting medium is damp but not dripping when I pack them up.

    4. Rolling plants & pots in corrugaged paper or card stock.

    5. Placing in box and adding newspapers; shipping via priority mail.

    I’ve got several dozen cuttings rooting on windowsills. You and will be the subjects of my first experiment in a week or so.

    I think one of my bits of larceny was “Dip’t in Wine.” It’s quite aggressive about growing and rooting and I’m going to have heaps of the stuff.

    • Ooops, forgot to insert #3 — put rootball in plastic bag and fasten loosely around stem.

      Thanks for the show and tell.

    • I hope my photo helped you, because it seems like you got the process perfected. Once I get mine growing outside and can get cuttings, I can try replicating the process myself.

      • fyi “in a week or so” is a metaphor for “when the cuttings get rootbound in their market packs.”

  • YAY!

    My favorite might be ‘Fishnet Stockings’…so pretty and so unlike the others!

    I almost ordered ‘Joey’, not just in honor of you but because it looked so nice.

    Did you order ‘Amazon’ or was it a bonus?? I got one as a bonus and would never have ordered it myself, but it’s a beauty…the texture is great and I like the subtlety of the coloring.

    • I like the Fishnet Stocking the best myself as well. So pretty!

    • Fishnet Stocking is definitely an eye catcher. My Mom was so cute and spotted it in a magazine and told me, “Look it’s your Coleues” (in Tagalog) :)

      I bought Joey, just because it was my namesake… In person it looks very similar to last year ‘Peter Wonder’ (which didn’t survive my overwintering)… I wonder if it is a sport of it.

      I did order ‘Amazon’ because I was quite fond of it’s color and texture. Mine is very vigorous and I think I will be taking a lot of cutting from it, because it seems to go well with a lot of other plants.

      They only gave me one bonus! I heard that you got two! *I’m jealous* hehe… They gave me ‘Collin’s Gold’ which I wouldn’t order, but it a very nice plant.

      • I have ‘Peter Wonder’ — got it from . It has been a vigorous grower for me.

  • curse you for showing me this! hehehe..

    You know I’m placing an order now. And it’s all your fault! ;)

    You’re plants are gorgeous, by the way!

    • Ahh… gypsy_soul, my plan has worked! I planted the seeds to make people want to place an order and fill this world with Coleus!… *sinister laugh*…

      just kidding… I hope you like your order. Please tell me what you got!… maybe later in the Spring, we can trade some :) I’m looking forward to seeing your photos, because you have a good eye in photographing plants!

      I swear, Rosy Dawn Gardens show give me a commission!