Hi Again…

Every once in a while, things in life gets a little busy and I tend to take a little vacation from my gardening journal.

I’ve also been a little discouraged from gardening because I’m getting so tired of the rains that we have been getting. San Francisco set a record of the most days with rainfall in the month of March. I think it was something like 25 or 28 days total. Adding that to getting home from work after nightfall (around 7:30pm) makes me just want to lay down and sleep or do nothing.

I still haven’t tackled recovering all those gardening shows that I’ve lost from my accidental erasure. I’ll do it once I find a program that can recover those files. I’m just continuing to record what I can and try to build from that. Luckily, most shows I record get replayed throughout the year.

Another thing that has has been discouraging is that most of the vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, orka and peppers) that I sowed from seeds don’t seem to be doing that well. I think I must have planted way to early, but I guess that’s just part learning. I’ll try to sow more seeds this week, and hopefully those will do better.

Now the encouraging news:

Today, I got home from work and for the first time, it was still daylight!!! I guess Daylight Savings Time has it’s benefits. I just wish it would stop raining and start getting warmer!!!

Although my vegetables aren’t doing well, my Coleus from seeds are doing really well, and few of my them are almost as big as some cuttings.

I’ll write more later… I’m getting a bit tired…