Hours and Hours of Gardening Shows, GONE…

As I was reorganizing files between my external hard drive and my new iMac, I accidentally deleted one of my folders that contained my gardening show recordings :( That probably about 100+ GB (videos take up a lot of hard drive space). After a short panic, I immediately unmounted that drive (so I wouldn’t do any more damage until I can recover) and looked up an way of undeleting (deleted) files.

There goes my hours of Victory Garden, The City Gardener, Rebecca’s Garden, Smart Gardening, Garden Smart and many more, not to mention a few Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

I really hope that I can recover these files. I’m not panicking right now, but even if I recover these I think I’ll be a lot of work. I’ll as my computer savvy coworkers and the I.T. department if they can help.