‘Fresh from the Garden’ Premiers

I just found out that one of my favorite garden shows that deals with vegetable gardening, Fresh from the Garden, premiers its third season today (Tuesday). So if you have DIY Network, check out. it’s showing at 4pm PST on DirecTV channel 230.

Here’s a link to this episode’s description. ( Starting a New Garden )

  • Ooo, a new episode! Yay!

    • YEAY!!!… Do you watch ‘Fresh from the Garden’ too? I just watched it… and it was okay… I like it when he actually plants vegetables!… maybe next week…

      • I was pretty excited to come home from work and saw that my Replay did record it. Watched it after the baby went to bed and well, yeah, it was okay. I guess it does make sense to show how his garden started. I’m currently watching preserved episodes.

        BTW, how are you saving your shows to your mac? Do you record on a TIVO then download to Mac and archive? Or are you recording directly onto your mac?

        • Wow! You are the only person I know who has Replay.

          I schedule my shows on our DirecTV TiVo, then record it to my Mac using EyeTV USB ( a digital TV recorder) from Elgato. The unit records mpeg1 video which is VCD quality; not the best, but good enough for me to watch on my PowerBook. I can usually get about 7 hours or recording on a DVD-ROM… so I can fit a whole season of ‘Fresh from the Garden’ on one disk.

          I wish I can download the shows directly from TiVo unit, but the DirecTV units do not allow that. That why I have to play it in real time to record it.

  • You are back!!! I missed ya!