Sticky Monkey Flower

As I was walking to the carpool from work on Monday, I noticed a low growing plant with yellow flowers in a landscaped area near a park. At first glance, I thought it was an Orchid, but that would be silly… so I took a closer look and had to take a photo.

Last night, I posted the photo on Flickr and someone identified it as a Sticky Monkey Flower.

Sticky Monkey Flower   Sticky Monkey Flower Cutting

I got curious about the plant, especially the name… So I took zip-lock in hand with a moist paper towel and set out to take a cutting on my way to the carpool from work.

Now, I know why this plant has “sticky” in it’s name… It’s leaves are sticky!!!… but I took a small cutting and brought it home… and potted it up.

I hope it survives.

New on Flickr: Maps

Earlier today, two of my coworkers showed me a new feature on where you can map your photos.

I went through and mapped several of my photos… so now you can see where a particular photo was taken.

New on Flickr: Maps

Pretty neat!

Catching up…

I’ve been behind in posting photos in my Flickr photostream, so I took some time to edit some. I ended up uploading about 45 photos. Here are some of my favorites.

Oxalis   Cucumber Beetle in Dahlia

Caterpillar on Chocolate Mint   Fourth of July Fireworks

Two Camera Techniques

I’ve been researching some photography techniques online and learned two techniques that I want to try.

One is called focus stack. For this, you take a series of macro shots of the same subject, each at a different focus depth. You then use a program like Photoshop to combine the various focused element into a single photo. This results in a photo with an exaggerated DOF (depth of field).

Here are some focus stack examples on Flickr.
Here is a focus stack tutorial written by Flickr user Lord V.

The second is reverse lens. For this, you take a lens and attach it to your camera backwards. This essentially act sort of like a super magnifying glass.

Here are some reverse lens examples on Flickr.
Here is a reverse lens tutorial written by Flickr user Domk.

I purchased a Conversion Lens Adapter for my Canon PowerShot A610. This way I can attach lenses and filters to my camera. I also purchased two lenses; a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens so I can experiment more with my camera and expand my photography skills.

Afternoon Walk…

This morning (Tuesday) on my way to work, I took an alternate route to check on the Coleus that I had my eye out for. The one in the bank window planter and guess what??!!! They totally replaced all the plants with new ones!!!! That pretty Coleus is GONE!!! :( :( :(

I was upset for two reasons. (1) I should have taken a snip of that Coleus when I had the chance. (2) They pulled that pretty Coleus before it reached it’s peak!!!

Needless to say, I decided to take a walk around our district for lunch since it was a warm day… (and subconsciously, I was hoping I would see another Coleus)

Here are some photos from my walk:

Unknown Plant   Strawberry-like Groundcover Flower Buds

Unknown Maroon Foliage   Unusual Succulent

I have more on my May 16, 2006 Flickr page. I also have a lot of unknown plants, so if you are up for an ID’ing challenge, please come by :)

And lastly, as I was walking to carpool, I saw Larry, Darryl and Darryl:

Larry, Darryl and Darryl

You Can Now Zoom Into My Flickr Photos…

One of my coworkers told me that he was not able to zoom into my photos on flickr, which I thought was weird because I could.

We figured out that flickr has a setting to disable the “All Sizes” button, so I turned that setting off and now everyone can zoom into all my flickr photos

Try this one (Click the “All Sizes” button on top of the photo):

Mosquito Eater?

Coleus Order…

Back in April 6, I received my Coleus order from Rosy Dawn Gardens. I finally was able to upload photos of my order.

Guess what’s in the package…

My Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens

Click the above photo of me with my package to view my flickr photo set entitled “(Coleus Order from Rosy Dawn Gardens“. It contains 10 photos of my order including my 16 new Coleus.

MacWorld San Francisco 2006 + Non-gardening Photos on Flickr

I was able to leave work early to go to the MacWorld San Francisco 2006 Expo. The new Intel Mac look pretty impressive, but I don’t want to get one just yet, since it’s still in it’s infancy. I want iLife ’06 and the new version of EyeTV, though.

After the expo, as I walked over to the casual carpool line, I snapped photos. In addition to plant photos, I also like snapping up numbers, urinals, fire hydrants and street art (i.e. posters, graffiti, stickers, etc.). I don’t really post these photos, but think I should.

My “paid” Flickr account just contains plant and gardening related photos, but I think I will start using it for the above mentioned photos as well as friends, family and work photos, since I don’t want to buy another “separate” Flickr account. I’m going to stew this over and decide later. I’m going to continue to make this LiveJournal mostly plant and gardening specific though, with a few daily life thoughts here and there.