Catching up…

I’ve been behind in posting photos in my Flickr photostream, so I took some time to edit some. I ended up uploading about 45 photos. Here are some of my favorites.

Oxalis   Cucumber Beetle in Dahlia

Caterpillar on Chocolate Mint   Fourth of July Fireworks

  • Mmmm,nice. I’ll surf over to Flickr later to see the other 41.

    • Cool! I hope you enjoy them… oh yeah… I posted more… :)

  • Spectacularness, Joey! Great work. :)

    • Thank you Jay!… I wish I had more time to do my gardening… I always feel like I have to get caught up… (or is that how gardening works?)

  • Those are all fabulous! I really need to get out there and do some work, but this heat and rain is the pits.

    • Thank you GypsySoul :) I hope the heat and rain is not too damaging to your plants… Do you also feel like you have to play catch up with garden chores?

      • Not terribly damaging, but taking a toll though. Playing catch up…oh yes. Definitely! I spent the morning trying to get caught up, and still have more left..hopefully tomorrow I can get more done.

  • Ooooh, very nice! Awesome!

  • Wow, great series.

    • Thank you bezigebij for your complements…

  • aaaaawww, joey.
    i especially love the cucumber beetle doing its thang.

    • Hehe… No matter how hard I tried to shoot its face, it kept trying to hide…