Two Camera Techniques

I’ve been researching some photography techniques online and learned two techniques that I want to try.

One is called focus stack. For this, you take a series of macro shots of the same subject, each at a different focus depth. You then use a program like Photoshop to combine the various focused element into a single photo. This results in a photo with an exaggerated DOF (depth of field).

Here are some focus stack examples on Flickr.
Here is a focus stack tutorial written by Flickr user Lord V.

The second is reverse lens. For this, you take a lens and attach it to your camera backwards. This essentially act sort of like a super magnifying glass.

Here are some reverse lens examples on Flickr.
Here is a reverse lens tutorial written by Flickr user Domk.

I purchased a Conversion Lens Adapter for my Canon PowerShot A610. This way I can attach lenses and filters to my camera. I also purchased two lenses; a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens so I can experiment more with my camera and expand my photography skills.

  • Awesome… thanks for the links! Lord V does some great work, I’ve seen his photos around in the flower and macro groups.