You Know You’re a Gardener… (#6 Advice)

You know you’re a gardener when you are the person that your coworkers go to when they need gardening advice.

  • That and my neighbors! Always.

    My Mom talked to a lady at her store the other day who lives on my street. She was telling the lady that I lived down there, and the lady said “Oh the house with all the flowers!” Mom just smiled.

    • I bet they admire your garden :) and it sounds like you are “known” in your area :)

      • haha…well, I do get a lot of stares out of people riding their bikes or walking by. That’s for sure. Which I noticed the other day, I really don’t have any more plants than some other people in my neighborhood…so I wonder why. It’s not like it’s spectacular looking…just lots of flowers like some of the others. Maybe it’s because I’m always out there in it! Or photographing it!

        • Maybe they’re admiring the gardener ;) hehe

  • Actually, I’m going slowly MAD from our part-timers at the nursery bothering me with every little question – including a whole lot that they could just look up in our reference library. Being the go-to guy is good for job security, but it does get old some days. :/

    • Awww… poor Jay… :) I can understand what yer saying… I actually don’t like answering questions, because I don’t know if I’m correct… plus most of the time… I just don’t know…

      Hopefully your part-timers are easy learners :)

  • How about if I send some of my co-workers your way? ;-)

    I just got asked a question about rose bushes. My first response was to redirect to another colleague because, “You know she’s a Master Gardener.” Their reply was, “She doesn’t know anything about rose bushes.” After a short moment of silence/disbelief, I had to laugh.

    • Hehe… umm… I’m okay with my coworkers…

      It’s funny, I actually don’t like answering questions because I don’t know if the information I’m giving out is correct… I usually just garden by experience and instinct and don’t know if do things the best (or correct) way…