Habitat Fabric…

This evening, I went to the monthly East Bay Modern Quilt Guild meeting. As I stepped into the shop (early), a couple of the members where cutting up some fabrics into fat quarters, so I helped out. At first, I thought we were just killing time and helping Sharona, the owner of the New Pieces Quilt Shop (i.e. free labor)… but, then I found out that this was fabric that was given to the group from FreeSpirit Fabrics. There was a condition for getting these for free. They asked if we can make something using these fabrics and any other solids (trying to keep away from any other non-solid fabric line), then take photos of it… to kinda promote the line.

The line of fabric that they gave us is called Habitat by Jay McCarroll, who I discovered is a fashion designer who won the first season of Project Runway. There are three distinct “colorways”: Jewel Tones, Brights, and Earth Tones; we got Earth Tones.


This first thing I thought when I saw the fabric was that it was kinda feminine, but funky (in a good hip way). I don’t think I would but it myself, but as I looked at it more, it grew on me. I especially like the Habitat Singing Forest Teal and Habitat City Planting Tan fabrics.

As I was brainstorming what I could make with these, two quilts came to mind, both by Marianne Haak. The first one is a modern style log cabin pattern called QAYG Log Cabin 2011. I really like this quilt and hope to make something inspired by it someday, but I think the Habitat fabrics may be too busy for it. The second is a quilt called Analeigh’s Quilt 2010, which I absolutely love. I think this may be a good pattern to use Habitat one.

So… here’s another quilt to start on. Quilt #4 for me… and I haven’t even completed any of my previous ones… but, I’m kinda excited and anxious to get started :)

More info:
– The Modern Quilt Guild: Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge
– Spool: Preview: Habitat by Jay McCarroll
– Marmalade Fabrics: Habitat by Jay McCarroll (you can see the individual fabrics)
– Spool: Habitat Piano Keys Quilt (made using this line)

  • Laura Blanchard

    Ha! Spool is a scant four blocks from my house, next to its sister store, Loop (knitting/crocheting yarns and supplies). So if you ever come to Philly, I can take you there.

    (I have upwards of 50 new hippeastrum seedlings on my windowsill, including a Papilio / Chico cross sent to me by an intarwebs friend.)

    • Hi Laura, That’s really cool. Do you ever stop by there?… and speaking of Hippeastrums… Wow! Papilio and Chico are two varieties that I’ve been eyeing, but I couldn’t think of paying so much for one bulb… I transplanted my babies (2 varieties) a couple weeks ago, including the seeds you gave me!!! I still have to find the photos and post them to Flickr. I’ll email you once I do…

  • Asija

    I really like the “arrow” quilt I think it would look awesome with Habitat. I don’t have any clue what I’m going to do with mine.

    • Thanks Asija, I really like the arrow quilt too and been waiting for some inspiration to make one for myself. Good luck with yours :)