Party Rock is in the House Tonight…

Earlier today, I played this video for my friend Janet, since we kept singing it throughout the day. It’s one of those songs that just makes you want to move. In fact, I got up and started shuffling like they did… and I was WINDED about 1/3 of the way… which reminded me how out of shape I was…

Wish List: Strawberry Tree (Arbutus undo)

I saw this tree at one of the gardens in the Vallejo Garden Tour. I thought it was a Manzanita tree, but the owner told us that is was actually a Strawberry Tree, which I’ve never never or seen before. The tree has reddish branches and trunk and has edible berries in various stages of development, ranging in color from white to red.

Purple Potatoes Progress (May 18, 2011)…

Purple Potatoes Progress (May 18, 2011)

The Purple Potatoes have grown so big and healthy. I’ve been adding more soil to the pot and hoping that there will be more space for Potato tubers to grow.

More New Plants…

I went on a shopping spree and purchased a whole bunch of new plants.

From Westbrae Nursery I purchased a Apple Cider Pelargonium Folia that smells really good.

Texas Terragon

From Lowe’s in Vallejo, I purchased: Wizard Coleus, Texas Tarragon Folia and a Hydrangea Folia for my Mom.

Found Coleus Branch

I also found a unknown broken red Coleus (Unknown 2011-02)  Folia
that I will try to nurse back to health.

New Bay Laurel + 2 Coleus…

Went to Berkeley Horticultural Nursery and purchased three new plants:
Bay Laurel Folia
Coleus ‘Defiance’ Folia
Coleus (Unknown 2011-01 maybe Glennis) Folia

Vallejo Garden Tour 2011

I just bought two tickets to the Vallejo Garden Tour 2011 which is coming up on Sunday. This year’s theme is “A Community of Gardens“. The tour features eight local gardens (private homes) and two community gardens. The Loma Vista Farm and the Vallejo Community Garden at Mare Island.

I haven’t received the progrm and map yet, so I’m not sure exactly where the home garden are yet. Hopefully, they will be as lush and inspiring as the previous years that I’ve gone. I got my camera ready and I’m sure I’ll take tons of photos…

More Info:
– Official website (although not updated with 2011 info):
– Facebook:
– Vallejo Naval & Historic Museum:
– Vallejo Naval & Historic Museum blog:
– Visit Vallejo website: