Vallejo Garden Tour 2011

I just bought two tickets to the Vallejo Garden Tour 2011 which is coming up on Sunday. This year’s theme is “A Community of Gardens“. The tour features eight local gardens (private homes) and two community gardens. The Loma Vista Farm and the Vallejo Community Garden at Mare Island.

I haven’t received the progrm and map yet, so I’m not sure exactly where the home garden are yet. Hopefully, they will be as lush and inspiring as the previous years that I’ve gone. I got my camera ready and I’m sure I’ll take tons of photos…

More Info:
– Official website (although not updated with 2011 info):
– Facebook:
– Vallejo Naval & Historic Museum:
– Vallejo Naval & Historic Museum blog:
– Visit Vallejo website:

  • Kathy

    Hi Joel, Found your blog from your old blog, due to a like in our profiles of coleus…you were only one of two others besides me who listed coleus as a like…anyway, just stopped by to say hi. I’ve grown coleus indoors and out for years…my plants produce seed and I keep getting new looks. Have a happy day. Kathy

  • Hi Kathy, Thanks for writing :) Coleus are my favorite plant of all time!!! Do you have a website, blog or Flickr site? Have you seen my photos on Flickr: