Unknown Bromeliad Solved…

Bromeliad Pot

A few days ago, I divided my Bromeliad pot and there were 4 varieties:
– a green Vriesea Bromeliad
– a red Vriesea Bromeliad
– a yellow Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata Bromeliad (that was dead)
– an unknown toothed leaf Bromeliad with long leaves

I don’t remember planting the fourth one on the list, so I looked for historical photos when I planted this pot and found this photo, which shows that I only planted three varieties:

Potted Bromeliads

After reviewing the photos of the individual plants, I noticed that the Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata had a little baby plant:

Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata

I think the mystery Bromeliad is actually the baby Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata… which explains the toothed edged leaves.


It’s really interesting how the new plant is green instead of yellow and the leaves are a lot longer. I wonder if growing under a shade caused this.

More Mystery Plant Research…

So a day after I posted photos of the mystery plant. I just got a few responses:
Schinus terebinthifolius, which I still don’t think it is because it doesn’t quite match this photo.
– Kentucky Coffeetree, Gymnocladus dioicus, which I don’t think it is.

So I did more research using the Virginia Tech VTree ID Leaf Key website. After all the questions, this is what I came down to this page:
leafy, broad leaves > alternate leaf arrangement > compound leaf > pinnately compound > singly pinnate > serrate, toothed, or spine-tipped leaflet edges

I found two photos that reminds me of our mystery plant. One is a Smooth Sumac (Rhus glabra) and the other is a European Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia).

The search continues…