Lemon Cucumbers!…

The Lemon Cucumber Folia seedlings now have their third sets of leaves and are big enough to plant in the Square Foot Garden. I’m planting them in 5 squares with 2 plants per square.

Lemon Cucumber Seedling Ready to Plant

Planted Lemon Cucumber

Green Swiss Chard Planted + Summer Leafy Greens?

I didn’t do much gardening, but I planted the 6-pack of Green Swiss Chard Folia into three half squares in back of the Lemon Cucumbers. I think I will plant either some Bush Beans or another summer greens in the other halves of the three squares.

I also moved some of the Coleus pots I planted a few days ago into the front patio.

Which reminds me… I need to do some research and find out if there are green leafy vegetables that will grow in the summer time… since I believe most greens like Kale, Bok Choy, Mustard, etc. like the cool weather. Any suggestions?

I found a couple sites that have some good ideas:
Veggie Gardening Tips: Top Ten Leafy Greens for Summer Gardens
Mother Earth News: Spinach Alternatives: Warm Weather Salad Greens