Baby Boy and Bennie Ride the BART and Gets a Move on…

Baby Boy and Bennie Ride the BART

Antonio (Baby Boy) and Benardo (Bennie) ride the BART with good friends Cheri, Chris and Gary.

Let's Get a Move On

Antonio (Baby Boy) and Benardo (Bennie) on the move with Cheri and Nicole… “Comon’ people we have places to go and people to see!”

Habitat Arrows Quilt Vote + Fabric Shopping…

I created a rough draft and two alternate versions for my next quilt. Which do you like best: A, B or C?

Habitat Arrows Quilt Vote

Earlier today, I went to our local fabric shop to try to find fabrics to match the Habitat line that I got last night. I’m surprised the the employees there remember me and asked how my quilts are coming along :)

Fabric Shopping