A Day of Mortaring…

I’ve been taking a little vacation from my gardening journal, but I still have been gardening and buying plants (I can’t help it).

I also have been setting up my Veggie Bed #2 for mortaring, which after procrastinating, finally mortared today.

Red Mortar   Mortared Brick Wall

A couple days ago, as I was rearranging the brick, I took this photo of the overgrown Chocolate Mint in the bed.

Spreading Chocolate Mint

  • Ooo, a mortaring man! woot woot! Why aren’t there any men like you around here?;)

    I do like Chocolate Mint. I have some in a container that I hope to put to good use.

    • Hehe… I wish I could do more intricate beds, like flagstone or cobblestone, but there’s not much space and the beds already have a set look which I’m happy with. Plus, the scalloped brick and mortar is simple for me :)

      I love the Chocolate Mint too, I planted it in a pot and plopped it into the bed to contain it, but over winter or spring, it “hopped the pot” and spread like crazy, which I don’t mind, since I don’t have anything growing there. I’m going to pull the Chocolate Mint out and pot them up into several pots.