Unknown Weed Part 2

A couple days ago, I asked if anyone know what this unknown weed was that I saw underneath a street tree.

Unknown Weed

The stems are reddish brown and slightly hairy. The main stem seems semi-woody, since I could not pinch it off.

Here is a close up of the leaves.

Unknown Weed (Close up)

Update: I went back to check to see if this “weed” was really a sucker from the tree it was under. After seeing it, I don’t think it is, since I also saw another one of this “weed” at another location that was not under a tree.

Here are more photo’s that may help:

Underside of the Unknown Weed
Underside of the Unknown Weed

The unknown weed next to the tree it is under
Street Tree Truck

The unknown weed next to the tree it is under
Street Trees

Leaves of the tree that the unknown weed was under
Street Trees Leaves

Now does anyone know what this is?

SOLVED: This is White Snakeroot ‘Chocolate’ (Eupatorium rugosum) ( DG PlantFile )

  • Not sure what the “weed” is, but it is not a sucker from the tree. The tree is a Plantanus (either a Plane Tree or a Sycamore).

    • Thanks bezigebij, I always wondered what that tree was.

  • Perilla? Are the stems round or sqared?

      • The leaves don’t smell like mint. They just smell like a regular common plant.

        Thanks for that link though… I’m bookmarking it.

    • Thanks momomom… I was wondering if it was a Perilla or a Plectranthus. I can’t tell from the cuttings I took if the stems are supposed to be square, since they are thin and seem round. Maybe I’ll check the mother plant again to check for square stems (I should of remembered that)…