Newspaper Mulch…

As our weather is getting warmer, I’m getting worried about my vegetable beds drying out too much. I’ve read about using shredded newspaper as an inexpensive mulch and thought I would try it. After placing the newspaper mulch in a section of my vegetable bed, I thought to myself that it kinda looks weird, like I’m growing vegetable on some other planet.

Newspaper Mulch 1

Newspaper Mulch 2

My only worry, besides the cosmetic appearance is the pill bugs and earwigs having more places to hide, but that may be true with any mulch…

Have any of you had experience using newspaper as mulch (negative or positive)? Did it work? Were bugs a problem?

  • Pill bugs and earwigs are good for the soil… worry more about slugs and snails.
    Also, it appears that the nespaper is dry. If it is not moist, and it is shredded, it will blow away. Full moist sheets will stick around longer.

    • I didn’t know pill bugs and earwigs were good for the soil, we have tons of them… but very little slugs and snails… When my eggplants were young, I would go out at night and see earwigs chomping on the leaves, but now that the eggplants are larger, they don’t bother them that much, so I don’t even worry about it… I just leave them alone… Thanks for the info though :)