First Time “Quilting”…

I’m almost done with my very first quilt… but before I start quilting it, I wanted to practice on something else to get the hang of quilting or stippling (I’m not sure of the correct term)… So I made a small 10×12 inch quilt to practice using the Walking Foot and Stippling Foot that came with my sewing machine.

Sewing Feet

I’ve never used a Walking Foot, nor a Stippling foot, so this was new territory. So armed with my sewing machine manual and the help of some YouTubers, I gave it a try.

It was pretty neat!!!… both me and my Mom (who was watching) were excited. At first, the stitches were messy and I couldn’t coordinate moving the quilt and pressing the sewing machine pedal… so I had areas where there were tons of stitches and areas where you can tell I moved the quilt too fast.

After a while, I think I got the hang of it… We’ll see on the actual full size quilt.

After quilting/stippling, I searched and watch YouTube videos on how to bind a quilt. I cut 2.5 inch strips and joined them together the way several tutorials showed me. I then binded my practice quilt and I think it came out nice. My Mom was impressed :)

Practice Quilt (Front)

Practice Quilt (Back)

I even hand sewed the back of the binding… though I’m not sure how well I did.

Now comes the moment of truth… Time to finally start quilting my first full size quilt. I’ll post photos later of the completed quilt.

One last thing… when I was at the 99¢ Only Stores, I happen to find these rubberized “Deluxe” Gloves which will be perfect for quilting… and they were a deal at 99¢.


Unknown Apple

Unknown Apple by joeysplanting

We have this Apple growing in our yard, but we lost the plant tag a long time ago. It has a really good taste that is sweet and a little tangy. When you slice it open, there are portions of the flesh that are semi-translucent–like it’s been frozen–but it hasn’t. I haven’t seen this in any other Apples. My Mom says that the fruits are always like this and it reminds her of a Pineapple.

Anyone know what kind of Apple this is?

Broken 60D

Broken 60D by joeysplanting
My Canon EOS 60D stopped working while I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. I think it happened when we went out one night and I was dancing with it at a nightclub. Initially, I thought the lens that was busted, but when I got home the lens worked on my Canon Rebel XSi and none of my lenses worked on the 60D… so it was the camera… Luckily, it is still under warranty, so I sent it in to Canon for repairs. Hopefully, it can be fixed without additional cost.

DIY Reusable Produce Bags…

We have been using reusable grocery bags for a couple years now and have reduced the number of plastic bags that we get… but I wanted to get more since we either use them up (we just have five of them) or forget them at home (I can keep more in the car). I bought some zTotes which are like the ones we have now.

While searching, I noticed reuseable produce bags, which made me think… We should use those too, so I searched for some to buy, but then realized that maybe I can make some with those mesh bags that we get with ginger, onion and little potatoes.

So I made these.

Homemade Produce Bags

Homemade Produce Bags

It was pretty easy since the bottom was already made. I just turned the top edge and weaved a string in and out to form a draw string to close the bag once filled.

Homemade Produce Bags

I tested it and it worked well for most produce, but greens and Broccoli kinda got a little damaged, so I purchased some reuseable produce bags by Flip & Tumble for these.

Hopefully, we’ll have much less plastics coming into the house, including plastic produce bags.