Fairfield Tomato Festival 2011…

Today, my Mom and I went to the Fairfield Tomato Festival 2011. We got to taste several Tomatoes, listen to bands, see the street vendors and of course buy some ripe juicy Tomatoes!!!

Fairfield Tomato Festival 2011

Below is a slide show from the event.

I ended up buying 8 varieties:

Tomatoes from the Fairfield Tomato Festival 2011

– Tomato ‘Pink Boar’
– Tomato ‘Green Zebra’
– Tomato ‘Berkeley Tie-Dye
– Tomato ‘1884’
– Tomato ‘Sweet Carneros Pink’
– Tomato ‘Yellow Jelly Bean’
– Tomato ‘Isis Candy’
– Tomato ‘Large Barred Boar’

Apples, Pears and Asian Pears…

Apple and Pear Crisp

I harvest various Apples, Pears and Asian Pears from our garden to make an Apple and Pear Crisp.

Harvested Apples, Pears and Asian Pears

I harvested the two Asian Pear ‘Hosui’ Folia fruits because they were starting to soften. I think I should have harvested them a few weeks ago when they were more firm.

Asian Pear 'Hosui' vs Other Asian Pear

The Asian Pear ‘Hosui’ fruits are more brown and spotted than our existing Asian Pear (unknown variety) Folia that they are grafted onto.

One of our Apple variety has splotches of semi-translucent areas inside the fruit. It looks mushy, but isn’t. My Mom says that this is normal and it tastes a little like Pineapple.

Unknown Apple Variety

I didn’t remember to take a photo of the unpeeled Apple. I’ll have to check the tree and take a photo.

Anyone happen to know this Apple variety?

Kangkong Planted…

Kangkong Planted

I planted the Kangkong Folia that were already rooting into three pots that didn’t have drainage holes, so they’ll grow in a bog-like environment. Can’t wait to harvest leaves from them.

Begonia Leaf + Things I Didn’t Know About Begonias…

I took a broken leaf from my Auntie’s Begonia. It’s from a tuberous-type Begonia with double white and red flowers. I’m hoping that I can grow a baby plant from this leaf.

Begonia Leaf

As I was searching Flickr and YouTube for information on how to propagate a Begonia from a leaf cutting, I discovered that some (or maybe all) Wax and Tuberous Begonias are edible. Now I have to try the one’s we have.

Below is a YouTube video from EatTheWeeds that explains how to eat them.

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Kang Kong…

I had a craving for Sinigang (a Filipino dish) and one of the ingredients I purchased to cook it was Kangkong Folia (aka Ong Choy, Water Spinach, etc.). I just used the tips and leaves and saved the bottom stems. I then cut the bottom about .5 inch from a node so the stem can easily soak up water. I’m planning on trying to plant this if it roots.

Kang Kong Rooting

The next day, I was really surprised to see some of the stems already rooting, just one day after I placed them in water.



My Flickr photostream reached 100,000 views today! :)

Rebutia Cactus…

Rebutia Cactus by joeysplanting
Orange Rebutia Cactus flowering in late June.

Blog Updates (Contact Me Page + Disqus)…

I made a couple changes to this blog…

First, I added a Contact Me page someone mentioned that I did not have my email address here… oops… so now I can be contacted via the new Contact Me page.

Secondly, I switched the commenting system to Disqus, which I believe has more features than the built in WordPress commenting system. I’ll evaluate it and see how I like it.