Gardening August 9, 2011…

Haemanthus albiflos

My Haemanthus albiflos Folia has been surviving and growing very very slowly. I think it may be due to it’s small pot and maybe lack of light. It’s also potted in Cactus Mix because I thought it grew like a succulent when I purchased it back in 2007. Since it’s starting to get bigger, I decided to pot it up into a 1-gallon pot and use more potting soil and compost. I’ll also give it a little more sun and hope that it grow bigger and maybe bloom next year.

Does Superthrive Expire?

I stumbled onto a page on for Superthrive, the plant vitamin and hormone supplement… and remembered that I have a small bottle (from maybe 3 years ago) somewhere that I hardly used.

Does anyone know if Superthrive expire?… and do you think it’ll be worth it to dig it up and use it again?