12:40am Statice Rainbow Mix is sprouting… #

12:50am I can see leaves emerging from the three Hippeastrums bulbs that overwintered outside. #

12:55am Forgot to post about some new sproutings:
Sunday 3/14 Black from Tula and Rutger-Select Tomatoes;
Monday 3/15 Beefsteak Tomato #

1:00am New sproutings:
Tues 3/18 African Orange Eggplant;
Wed 3/17 Red Bell Pepper and Easter Eggplant #

1:02am I was checking the seedlings outside and noticed that the Whirligig Zinnia sprouts was gone. I think I may need to plant more of those… #

3:23pm (Reposted from @megzzz) The Oldest Trees on the Planet bit.ly/cmszlJ #

  • Laura Blanchard

    I am looking for a home for some of my adolescent hippeastrums — I’m out of windowsill space and I need to make room for some juveniles. I’m selfishly going to keep the ones that have bloomed already, but everyone is making very strong leaf growth and if they don’t bloom this year I’m pretty sure they’ll bloom next year.

    Would you be willing to take them? As you know, I can’t overwinter them outdoors in Philadelphia.