Garden Progress…

11:50pm The Peach ‘Flavorcrest’ graft is blooming… #

11:51pm Peach ‘Elberta’ in Veggie Bed is starting to flower and leaf out simultaneously… #

11:53pm The Peach ‘Stark Saturn’ graft (on Peach ‘Elberta’ in Veggie Bed) is starting to leaf out… I don’t think it even bloomed… #

11:55pm Sparker Radish seeds are finally starting to sprout… #

11:47am My Chayote is now 10 inches tall!… #

12:10pm I brought my new Epidendrum Green Hornet Orchid to work… As I was watering it, I noticed it had a scent which reminds me of Alyssums#

Orchid Box/Basket Inspirations…

I was looking around Flickr for Masdevallia Orchids in Orchid Boxes/Baskets and found a few photos that inspire me:

limahuli’s Masdevallia hybrid

sycamorecreek77’s Masdevallia pinocchio ‘Sycamore Creek’
and Phragmipedium Stairway to Heaven ‘Sycamore Creek’

Plant Lady2009’s Babies Dove in a bird nest

low.’s orchid basket

This is a alternative way of making a Orchid Basket:
red head10’s Orchid basket

Ideas for a octagonal Orchid Basket:
jhainaut’s Orchid Basket-05 and Orchid Basket-01