Happy 97th Birthday Lola…

Today was my Lola’s (Grandma in Tagalog) 97th birthday. We celebrated by going to Empire Buffet for lunch. Lola is still going strong and as spunky as ever.

Lola (97th Birthday)

Winter ’09 Garden Plan (2009-01-31)

This is what I have planted so far in my Square Foot Garden Vegetable Beds.

Winter '09 Garden Plan (2009-01-31)

Fax Machine plus more…

My Mom has been wanting to get a fax machine, since ours is pretty old and repeatedly having problems. We use faxes to send letters and documents to and from Philippines, since it’s cheaper than a 5 minute phone call and way faster than postal mail.

We went to out local Best Buy to see what’s available and I saw a great multi-function fax/copier/wireless network printer/photo printer/answering machine/scanner/etc… (Brother MFC790CW) The one problem with it is that the phone is not cordless. I was a little hesitant to immediately purchase it and told my Mom that I will check the internet to see if they have a cheaper and better one with a cordless phone.

Well, she reminded me again this evening that she wants to get a new fax machine, so I searched online and found a big brother to the one above… plus it’s cheaper. (Brother MFC-885CW)

Brand Spanking New Fax Machine...

Some features I really like:
– Cordless phone / Speaker phone / Caller ID / Answer machine
– Auto feed fax machine
– Scanner  to email, image, file, memory card or OCR
– Wireless network printer (802.11b/g)
– USB/Ethernet connection
– 4.2″ LCD touch screen
– Separate 4 color inks
– 4×6 photo prints
– Mac compatible
– plus more…

All this for $140… with a online store coupon for $15, free shipping and tax… My total came to $134. Pretty good deal…

I sounds like a commercial, don’t I?

Work Week Over…

I am so glad that this work week is over!!!… It’s been a really long and tiring week. We got word this morning that pink slips were handed out. In total we lost four people, plus the two other coworkers who’s last day was today (they resigned a few weeks ago)… That leaves us with 6 gone, which doesn’t sound like much, but there are only about 22 of us.

The day was sad and kinda surreal… I was a bit awkward, until we had a company meeting and reasons were served. Luckily, I’m okay… but one other production designer was let go, but I think he was expecting it and was not planning on staying longer. I’m kinda worried about the art directors and copywriters. We won’t have much in the creative department, so that’s going to be tough on us.

I had a couple tough projects. One involved 16 Flash banners… which I finally finished today. I’m glad I took it home to work on last night.

I broke one of my crowns last Friday, and got an appointment with my dentist yesterday and got it fix. It didn’t really take so long, because he had the image on file and they were able to make a new one on site even with the missing piece. I swear, they are really technological there. Plus, I didn’t have to pay since, it’s a crown they created back in 2005. I guess it was like under warranty or something.

Well, time to head home. I was killing time to avoid traffic and critical mass that, hopefully is over.

I’m looking forward to getting caught up in the garden this weekend and hopefully, cranking out some updates and photos.

Rain, finally…

Late last night, we got our first rain in a long time. It was raining when I woke up and commuted to work… But I didn’t mind, because we really need the rain… Our garden finally got a soaking that it needed and our rain barrel are filling up again with water. Yeay!!!

Woke up really early this morning…

I woke up really early this morning (about 5:45am, which is early for me). I had a bunch of paperwork that I brought home to work on… but after dinner last night, I laid down in bed to rest for a while, while everyone else finished dinner. Well, I totally feel asleep and woke up around 5:45am… Without and alarm clock even going off.

I didnt get any of my paperwork done at home, but I went to work early and got tons done.

Sushi Yumm…

After work, I picked up Darwin and we went over to Sushi House for dinner with his two roommates… Yumm… We got a whole bunch of rolls, broiled mackerel, chirashi, tempura… I was stuffed… and it ended up costing about $20 for each of us, which waspretty good. Afterwards, it was late, but they wanted to go shopping… so we went over to Walmart, the only place that was open… and they bought a bunch of things for their home.

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