Happy 97th Birthday Lola…

Today was my Lola’s (Grandma in Tagalog) 97th birthday. We celebrated by going to Empire Buffet for lunch. Lola is still going strong and as spunky as ever.

Lola (97th Birthday)

Winter ’09 Garden Plan (2009-01-31)

This is what I have planted so far in my Square Foot Garden Vegetable Beds.

Winter '09 Garden Plan (2009-01-31)

Fax Machine plus more…

My Mom has been wanting to get a fax machine, since ours is pretty old and repeatedly having problems. We use faxes to send letters and documents to and from Philippines, since it’s cheaper than a 5 minute phone call and way faster than postal mail.

We went to out local Best Buy to see what’s available and I saw a great multi-function fax/copier/wireless network printer/photo printer/answering machine/scanner/etc… (Brother MFC790CW) The one problem with it is that the phone is not cordless. I was a little hesitant to immediately purchase it and told my Mom that I will check the internet to see if they have a cheaper and better one with a cordless phone.

Well, she reminded me again this evening that she wants to get a new fax machine, so I searched online and found a big brother to the one above… plus it’s cheaper. (Brother MFC-885CW)

Brand Spanking New Fax Machine...

Some features I really like:
– Cordless phone / Speaker phone / Caller ID / Answer machine
– Auto feed fax machine
– Scanner  to email, image, file, memory card or OCR
– Wireless network printer (802.11b/g)
– USB/Ethernet connection
– 4.2″ LCD touch screen
– Separate 4 color inks
– 4×6 photo prints
– Mac compatible
– plus more…

All this for $140… with a online store coupon for $15, free shipping and tax… My total came to $134. Pretty good deal…

I sounds like a commercial, don’t I?