Sushi Yumm…

After work, I picked up Darwin and we went over to Sushi House for dinner with his two roommates… Yumm… We got a whole bunch of rolls, broiled mackerel, chirashi, tempura… I was stuffed… and it ended up costing about $20 for each of us, which waspretty good. Afterwards, it was late, but they wanted to go shopping… so we went over to Walmart, the only place that was open… and they bought a bunch of things for their home.

  • Filled up on sushi for about $20 each? Oh, that’s on my list for my next visit to SF, and I’ll look you up to take me there! Although I don’t know when that will be next and I haven’t been there in a couple of years. For the most part, depends on my work conference schedule.

    • yup yup… It’s actually in an island where I used to live called Alameda. Sushi House is our favorite and they are a pretty good value around this area.