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  • JOEY, i have my fingers crossed for you.

    • hehehe… I got an email where you called me Jay! :P It’s funny, ‘cuz some people do call me “J”…

      Thank you for your support though… I think the stress is just beginning…

      • i wonder if i felt that…because immediately i corrected myself like i knew.

        stay strong. housebuying was the most stressful situation we have ever been in.
        so many ‘what ifs’ and nothing concrete.

        hang in there!

  • My fingers are crossed too!

    As my boss would say in potential stressful times, “these are opportunities and exciting times!” :) Then I pick on her because she’s a natural pessimist. ;)

    • I think she has a point… I’m usually a optimist… This pessimist thing is tiring… :P

  • Fingers and toes all crossed for you! It’s a stressful time, but oh so worth it!


    • Thank you, gypsy_soul… but don’t hurt yourself… especially if you are walking… :P

  • Land and proximity to family are both worth a fair amount of stress. Good luck to you!

    • Thank you lblanchard… I calculated an approximate monthly mortgage payment, and I’m not sure if I can make it month to month…