Another Look at Sunflowers…

Sunflower Back   Backlit Sunflower

From the back and backlit at sunset.

  • the back is as lovely as the front.

  • They’re gorgeous. I especially like the backlit one.

    • I was just experimenting with a flashlight… I wish there was more details, but I guess that’s how it goes with night photography…

  • Oh, those are gorgeous photos. Would it be alright if I borrowed one to make a user icon?

    • Thank you plantgirl… Go ahead… Feel free to borrow the photo to make a user icon :)

  • I didn’t do any of those this year….these lovely photos make me wish I had though.

    • You know what’s funny? I didn’t plant any either… All of our sunflowers were volunteers, which is so cool… well, except for their placement, but that’s okay with me… :)

      • I usually end up with lots of volunteers from the bird seed, but didn’t this year. How strange.