It’s Hot…

Yesterday, I spent the day in San Francisco, celebrating my friend Wincy’s Birthday. We went to the West Portal district and had a Mexican lunch… Yumm!… Afterwards, we walked around the shops. I happened to see a hardware store that was selling a Coleus… so, knowing me I had to get it. Hello Coleus ‘Red Ruffles’.

Today, it was really warm, reaching the mid 90s (°F). Once it cooled down a bit, I fertilized with a water soluble fertilizer, spray almost all my plants. That was pretty much the extent of my gardening.

I did notice that the tomatoes are finally fruiting… and I saw my first tomato!!! YEAY!!! It’s a Great White Tomato that is about half an inch wide. The Cucumbers are also starting to flower. Below is the Sikkim Cucumber blossom.

My First Tomatoes

Sikkim Cucumber Blossom

While in the garden, I snacked on some of our yummy Italian Plum, which I think is my favorite fruit in the garden.

Yummy Italian Plum

Message Bean Emerges

Oh yeah, one of the Message Bean has emerged. The other one rotted :(

  • So…where’s the picture of Red Ruffle???

    • Sorry, I forgot to take a picture… I’ll do it tonight after work :)

  • ooh, everything looks wonderful.

    • Thanks, I hope everything goes well. This is my first time planting Tomatoes and Cucumbers from seed.

  • Anonymous

    off by about a year.

    If you are still interested in this plant I have seeds that I was sending away for SASE. I was busy looking though the internet to see if I could find how deep to sow the seeds and came across your page. My e-mail is