Today I replaced the newspaper mulch in one of my veggie beds with ground bark. I like the results a lot better.

Veggie Bed #1 with Newspaper (Before)   Veggie Bed #1 with Ground Bark Mulch (After)

I was thinking of leaving the newspaper under then bark, but water didn’t seem to go through the newspaper that well.

  • I was told by an extension service lady here that a good down-and-dirty way to create a woodchip path through a weedy place is

    1. Mow the weeds really really short

    2. Lay down at least SIX SHEETS of newspaper.

    3. Cover with mulch to improve the look of things.

    She told me that the six sheets would create a barrier that stops the most tenacious perennial weeds from getting light or water and that by the time the newspaper disintegrates the weeds will be dead. We tried it in the “Warner Bell Grove” and it worked!

    • Very cool!… My brother used plastic sheets under the pebbles in our pathways, seems to work well, except for the nasty crabgrass-like weeds and bind weeds (which to this day, have never seen their roots)

  • joey, it rocks!

  • Very nice looking.