It was a Busy Gardening Day…

I took a half day off and left work a bit early. I just needed to take care of a lot of things, because I know I won’t have much time this weekend because of another Filipino Fiesta in San Francisco.

Before going home I stopped by Mid-City Nursery and got three plants.
– Coleus ‘Show & Tell?’ (I don’t think the sticker on the container was correct)
– Coleus ‘Burnt Sienna?’ (I’m not sure if the tag on this plant was correct)
– Heuchera ‘Amber Waves’

Coleus 'Show and Tell?'   Coleus 'Burnt Sienna?'

Heuchera 'Amber Waves'

Once I got home I took a few more photos. I noticed that the Lavender Pebbles were flowering and also the Blue Eyed Daisy I bought on the weekend.

Lavender Pebbles Flower   Blue Eyed Daisy

I took some of the Creeping Jenny that I rooted and planted them with the orange Coleus pot. Hopefully it will flll out and cover the bottom of the pot.

I finally set my first vegetable bed by getting the remaining old plants out. I then added some potting soil, compost, manure and fertilizer. In it I planted my Tomatoes from seed (Brandywine OTV, Great White and Roma), Pepper (New Mexico 6-4L) and a Zuchinni (Gold Rush). After planting the plants, I watered, then placed sheets of newspaper on top to retail moisture. I’ll cover the newspaper later with some kind of mulch.

Vegetable Bed #1 (Planted)   Vegetable Bed #1 (Planted & Covered)

After all of that I took 12 more cuttings of the Lamium and planted them in the Mini-Greenhouse, like I did on Saturday.

I then found some individual cell pots, washed them well, filled them with vermiculite and finally planted the Columbine seeds I took out of the refridgerator. I spreaded the seeds on top of vermiculite, because they need light to germinate. Four of these small pots fit perfectly into the mini-greenhouse that I bought last week.

Sown Columbine Seeds

The Columbines I planted are:
– Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila ‘Selection’
– Aquilegia flabellata ‘Nana Alba’
– Aquilegia canadensis
– Aquilegia sp. (Yellow Long Spurred)
– Aquilegia ‘Barlows Mix’
– Aquilegia ‘William Guinness’

It was a busy gardening day… (but there’s still more to do…)

  • My thoughts on the election outcome…

    “Aw, shit.”

  • Busy gardening day indeed! Nice acquisition from the nursery. The Heuchera ‘Amber Waves’ is really interesting! I haven’t seen anything like those in our local nurseries.

    • As of yesterday, I’ve seen heuchera ‘amber waves’ at the Trax Farms nursery.

      This nursery is 14 miles away and a 40-45 min drive. Does that count as local? ;)

      • 14 miles away here is local… hehe… Why does it take 40-45 minutes to drive 14 miles? According to my calculations you would have to be driving 18-21 mph…

        • From where I live (in city) and where Trax is located (out in country), there is no highway I can hop onto. And to top things off, there are a ton of stop lights enroute, so it brings down the average travel time. Heck, there were moments it felt like we were going 10mph.

          There are a lot of actual shopping areas that happen to be about 9-12 miles from where I live, and it does take 12-18 minutes to get to, but that’s mostly highway travel.

          • Ohh… I forgot about traffic lights… now it makes sense…