Fly on Coleus

Fly on Coleus

This fly didn’t want to get off my new Coleus, so I shot a picture of it.

  • that cell phone is soooooo cooool…

    • I love it!!! Ya want my big-ass older one?

  • You’re still alive! Sounds like you’re doing well, too- good to hear it.

    • Thank you… Things ARE going well… I’ve been tired and busy, but overall, I’m happy :) I hope things are great on your side too :)

  • *snicker*

    One takes one’s wildlife where one can get it…

    • Absolutely! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fly like this, so it was a new discovery for me. I’m wondering if it came from the nursery since it surely wasn’t budging.

  • pretty!

    Found you while looking for composting folks, mind if I read along?

    • I don’t mind at all… Welcome to my garden journal :)

  • perfect2gether!

    • Like Laverne and Shirley…

      It’ll be funny if the Coleus was named ‘Flame’ or something like that… Then I couldn’t titled it “Like a Fly to a Flame, Burned by the Fire. That’s the Way Love Goes.”…

  • exceptionally cool photo, Joey! :b

  • Wow, nice photo!

    • Thank you :) I check the plant to see if it was still there and instead I found a ladybug (see next journal entry).