Late Night Planting + Experimentation

Before going to bed, I got the urge to do some planting… so, I:

1. I repotted the 2 small pots of Great Quaking Ornamental Grass into larger pots.

2. I repotted the Zygocactus cutting which have sprouted new leaves/stems into a larger pot.

I’m still disappointed by the sad looking Tomato, Eggplant, etc. seedlings, so I thought I would try an experiment. I wondered how the tomatoes would do if I took cuttings of them.

I cut them down, dipped the bottom ends into rooting hormone and planted them into a half potting soil/half perlite mixture. About 2 inches of the stems were placed in the soil. I then watered and covered them with a cut up plastic water bottle to act as a mini greenhouse.

Sad Looking Tomato Seedlings (Before Cutting)   Sad Looking Tomato Seedlings (Cuttings)

  • Have you seen that flash animation with, er, Kikkoman-Man? Pretty funny, and very weird.

  • and that’s really cute


  • dude, you are gonna get new tomato plants!

    when i pinch mine back & take the suckers,
    i start plantlings and have new tomato plants.

    i love your experiments.

    • I hoping they’ll start growing again. It seems like they just stopped growing and are slowly turning brown. I think I started them indoors way to early.

  • Although I haven’t grown brandywine, I am puzzled at what may have happened to your seedlings. I don’t think I’ve seen tomato seedlings look like that. I started most of my tomatoes very early and have lost a couple, but they turned purple first. A couple cherries I’ve lost already. My red pears were purple, but they’ve been outside and as it warmed up, they seem to lose their purple.

    I do keep transplanting the healthiest ones. From peat pot/cup to 6oz cup, then 12 oz and some went on to 20 oz. I’m using clear Starbucks cups (from cold drinks) and liking them since I can see the roots and when they start to crowd.

    I do think your experiment will work though.

    • We usually only plant about 3 tomato plants, and we’re getting tired of the sweet 100 types. Time for something new. I’ve read a lot about brandywine, so I decided to try it. It’s an heirloom variety, which a lot of people say have such a good flavor.

      Yeah… I’m not sure what happened to them either. I was just thinking that it was inside too long and maybe my lighting is not intense enough or something.

      As far as if the experiment will work… I’m not sure… I’m just hoping they would just “restart” to grow.