Berkeley Horticultural Nursery…

Yesterday (Saturday), I made a trip to Berkeley Horticultural Nursery for the first time. It is the biggest nursery I’ve ever seen. They have wonderful plants, many that I never seen before. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and they had a lot of free literature for Bay Area planting.

Of course, I had to get some plants… and guess what most of them are… Yup, more Coleus. Below is a photo of my purchases.

(top left) Coleus “Palisandra Black”
(middle) Coleus “Pineapple”
(top right) Coleus “Copper Splash”
(bottom left) Fuchsia Hybrid “Autumnale”
(bottom right) Coleus “Peter Wonder”

  • I…have every one of these. Minus the ‘Copper Splash’ which I had last year but hasn’t been available this year. You do have exquisite taste. :)

    • …which means you also have exquisite taste… which we all knew all along ;)

  • That “Copper Splash” is a real beauty.

    • I agree! When I saw it, I “had” to get it. I took some cuttings of it and hopefully I’ll have more plants soon :)