Thursday’s trip to Yard Birds…

Yesterday (Thursday) after work, I stopped by Yard Birds and got the following:

– a box of all natural tomato and vegetable fertilizer
– a gallon bottle of fish emulsion
– a bag of green moss
– a russet terra cotta colored Coleus called “Sedona”

The Coleus “Sedona” had a missing limb and wasn’t very lush, but it was the only one in it’s color. I’ve never seen this color in a garden shop before… So I just had to snatch it up. I’ll take cuttings and try to make more plants.

Which reminds me… I need to do some research and see if there are people who also take unique Coleus cuttings to trade with others.

I was also entertained at Yard Birds. There had these buckets of ladybugs. Tons and tons of them… and I was just fascinated watching them in such a cluster.

A hummingbird also paid a visit at Yard Birds and buzzed around all the fuchsias. It stopped right in front of me and watched me for a little bit, then went back to its business. At one point, it perched on one of the fuchsia branches and looked like it was picking at some bugs.

I saw a plant I really liked called Helichrysum petiolare or Licorice Plant. It’s chartreuse leaves were fuzzy and felt very velvety. If I had the room, I would have bought it. For now I’ll just add it to my wish list.

  • We sell that helichrysum…it’s very pretty as a “spiller” in mixed containers. :)

    Very much a coleus fan m’self…I’ve never heard of ‘Sedona’ but it sounds lovely. Have you seen the new Kong series?? Leaves the size of small to medium-sized hostas!

    • I can totally see helichrysum as a spiller plant. Do you own a nursery?… because you said that you “sell” it.

      I found a (photo) online for Sedona. Mine kinda looks like that, but is more beat up.

      I have a Kong and it has grown so much. I’ve already rooted some cuttings because it was too big for its pot. It kinda looks like (this picture), but mine doesn’t have the red in the middle and the green on the edge is more solid. I would guess that the leaves are about 6-7 inches right now (and probably still growing).

      • Almost two weeks getting back to you…no, I don’t own the nursery I work at now but I ran one out of my backyard from 1990-95. And as you may have seen in recent entries, I’ll soon be doing it again! – online mail-order only, this time, since I now have a tiny urban lot instead of 1.3 acres in the country as I did with my last endeavor.

        BTW – I scored a ‘Sedona’ coleus!! I’m looking at it as I type. We have so much shade here, not a surprise I’d start collecting them…