3 More Succulents…

I’m really getting addicted to planting again… I went shopping with my mom and I got 3 succulents in 2″ containers. One Sedum spathulifolium “Carnea” and two other Euphorbias that didn’t have tags, so I have to research their names.

I’ve collected cactus and succulents for as long as I remember. I especially the ones in 2″ pots because I get a sense of satisfaction watching them grow and develop.

For the last couple of years, when friends ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I tell them to get me an unusual 2″ cactus… and that all I want. (Hint, hint!!!)

  • have you heard of hen & chick succulents? I bought one this past weekend at hte farmers market.

    • Oh yeah, I have, and they’re really cool… I don’t know if I have some in the back yard, but if not I’ll probably pick up some at some point… Sometimes I take the baby ones that have fallen off at the store, since they will just be swept up and thrown away. I figure, I might as well save them and give them a second chance at life… :)

      • So this is teh deal. I bought one and wnat to put it ina pot to keep in an office or at home or something. The man i bought it from said it likes to be DRY DRY DRy, so i figure water once a week. He also said direct sunlight, but i have no south facing window in my life. Is there a next best direction? or am i jsut fucked?

        • I wouldn’t try it indoors because of the lighting alone. From my experience, it will not get enough light and become leggy and weak… instead of compact and strong. Once it gets leggy, it’s most probably doomed.

          • shoot. i guess i’ll plant it on the garden plot instead. will it survive a wisconsin winter?

          • I think that’s a better idea, plus it’ll have more “chicks”… I’m not sure about surviving the Wisconsin winter, since I’m here on the West Coast…