Yellow Pear Tomato RIP, Planting Bok Choy and Lettuce Harvest

After being sick for 3 days and having surprise showers, I was able to go outside and work in the garden.

My Yellow Pear Tomato died for some reason. I’m not sure why, but the others tomato plants next to it looks fine and healthy. I noticed some new tomatoes plants that sprouted from the homemade compost that I mixed in the bed and planted it in the Yellow Pear Tomatoes place.

I also transplanted the Bok Choy that I planted from seeds to the bed. I just hope that the bugs don’t eat them all up.

Bok Choy

The Lettuce are getting big and I was able to harvest some for dinner.


Lettuce Harvest

I also took a whole bunch of photos around the garden, but will post them behind a cut in my next entry.

  • Question about lettuce:
    Can you harvest lettuce the same way you do spinach? By which I mean can you just snip the big out leaves and the plant will continue to produce little leaves on the inside?

    • That’s how I harvest my lettuce, bok choy and new zealand spinach… I just take what we can use and save the rest for later.

  • Your lettuce is so beautiful! I wish I had grown some.

    • I usually sow seeds, but slugs ate my young seedlings. When I saw a six pack for these young lettuce at Yard Bird, I decided to get two six packs and try them out. I really like the variation in colors.