I’ve been manually transferring my journal entries from my old blog to this one, but haven’t quite completed the process.

As, I was trying out an app called MacJournal, I discovered a slightly easier way to transfer entries from one blog to another than using a web browser (which was hoe I was doing it). I still have to do each entry manually, but I don’t have to copy/paste/enter entry dates/etc.

Here’s how I did it:

1. First, I created a New Journal for old blog. I’ll name this “Old Journal”… I then connect the old blog to “Old Journal” by selecting Journal > Edit Blog Setting… (Follow the steps to add the blog)

2. I then created another journal for my current blog (the one you’re reading) following the same steps as above.

3. I then downloaded all the blog entries to MacJournal using Journal > Download Entries from Blog… Now I can see all my entries from my old blog.

4. I selected an entry from my old blog, right-click it, then select Share > Send to other blog…


So, as I was transferring my entries from my old blog to this one, I noticed that some of the formatting got messed up when the entries were downloaded from the old blog to MacJournal. Also, I can’t figure out how to look at the HTML code directly; I can only see it WYSIWYG… so I was also losing the LJ-cuts… so I think I will stick to manually transferring using a web browser for now… It’ll just take longer, but I’ll just do it in batches…