New Years Eve/New Years Day…

New Years Eve/New Years has always been low keyed for me since I’ve moved back to Vallejo. I haven’t really gone out, because I just wanted to stay home and keep my Mom company. Many years, it’s just been Me, my Mom and my Brother here at home when the ball drops.

This year my nephew JR stayed home, so there were four of us at home. Then my Auntie called and said she, my other Auntie, Uncle and Grandma were coming… so there were 8 of us here.

At Midnight, I started texting and messaging friends and family Happy New Year. Then we had some traditional New Years food, like Arroz Caldo (Rice Porridge with Chicken), Fried Tofu, Sago (Tapioca Pearl Drink), Palitow (Filipino dessert) and some other Filipino foods.

Outside LightsAfter getting stuffed, I worked on posting some Christmas Eve photos on Flickr. I still have to edit and post Christmas Day photos…

I got up about 11 something AM, and drove to Oakland to meet with my friends Howard, Bill, (their new baby) Chloe and Lily… for some brunch. We went over the 4th street in Berkeley and ate at this cafe place (I can’t remember the name)… But I had a great Creole Omelet with Potatoes…

Afterwards, we just strolled through the stores on 4th street, but many were closed for New Years Day. Our next stop was the big Target in Albany… which was good, because it reminded me of some small storage ottomans that were on sale for $15. I wanted to get two for my room to triple as (1) color, (2) storage and (3) additional seating. Luckily, I got the last two lime green ones that I wanted.

We then returned to H & B’s condo and hung out, played with Chloe and watch some TV.

Later in the evening we ate out for dinner. Initially we were going to Sushi House, but there was a massive line, so we went to China Gourmet instead. Afterwards, we dropped Lily off at BART and I dropped Howard back to his condo and headed for home.

Before, I went to bed, I watched a movie on NetFlix online called “Dim Sum: A LIttle Bit of Hearth” which I actually liked a lot because I could relate to the Chinese daughter in the movie, who was the youngest and lived with her mother because she didn’t want her mother to be alone after her father died.